What is a paediatric pulmonologist?

A paediatric pulmonologist is a highly trained medical professional who specialises in treating children with breathing or other lung-related problems. They diagnose, treat and manage these problems in children from birth and throughout childhood.


About Dr Delano Rhode

Paediatrician and Paediatric Pulmonologist

Delano Rhode is a Paediatrician and Paediatric Pulmonologist who practices at Melomed Bellville.

His experience and qualification

Dr Rhode completed his medical degree at Stellenbosch University in 2001, before spending four years specialising in paediatric care. He then dedicated another two years to specialising in paediatric pulmonology, which he has been practicing ever since.

Dr Rhode’s kind and gentle approach has made him popular among his young patients and their parents, leading to many ‘regulars’ and a steady stream of newcomers who have heard about him.

His passion

Close to Dr Rhode’s heart is the calling to help care for and uplift disadvantaged children in the local community. He is involved in a number of initiatives to this end. If you would like to support him, please email him at enquiries@drdelanorhode.co.za.

Our services

We offer a wide range of paediatric services – including the following:

Paediatric Pulmonologist

General paediatric

Paediatric Pulmonologist


Paediatric Pulmonologist

Lung function

Paediatric Pulmonologist

Ante-natal education
and baby care

Paediatric Pulmonologist

Immunizations at
Rho-baby clinic

Paediatric Pulmonologist

Asthma and allergic
conditions diagnosis

Paediatric Pulmonologist

Breastfeeding education and
support at Rho-baby clinic

Paediatric Pulmonologist

Family planning at Rho-baby

Paediatric Pulmonologist

General paediatric

Paediatric Pulmonologist

Neonatal general, high
and intensive care

Paediatric Pulmonologist

Paediatric Pulmonology

Paediatric Pulmonologist


Extended services by specialists in their field

Physiotherapists, audiologist, speechtherapists & occupational therapists

General, clinical & educational psychologists

Paediatric Neurology services

Opthalmology reviews

Respiratory evaluations by Paediatric Pulmonologist and Ear, Nose & Throat spcialists

On-site referrals to specialists

On-site referral to Laboratories and X-ray departments for evaluation

Rho-Babycare clinic

Our team

Dr Delano Rhode and his team of paediatric specialists are dedicated to helping your child grow up strong and healthy.

Dr Berdine Pohl


Carlyn Rhode

Physiotherapist & Accounts

Geraldine Macintosh

Reception and Accounts

Octavia Davids

Reception and Accounts

Alfreda de Mornay


Contact us

If you have an out-of-hours emergency, please contact the medical response team on 021 712 6699

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